Marketing translation

Marketing translation differs from translation for other types of content, which might include legal, medical, or financial.

The translation of marketing materials is different from the standard process, as translators must find a way to convey the same business message in one or more languages, overcoming the risks and challenges of the global marketplace.

This aspect is key for global brands because what attracts an audience one particular market will not always resonate with those in another country.

3 important aspects of marketing translation

Some of the aspects to consider in marketing translation are:

The translation is not direct or “literal”
Ideally, the process does not focus on finding the exact equivalent for the source material on a word-for-word basis. Good marketing translators must determine how to convey the same message in the language requested by the client.

Marketing designs its content to fit the brand, considering how it can appeal to its target audience. When translating for other markets translation professionals must strategically mitigate the risk of the translated message not resonating in the same way as the original audience.

Puns and idioms
Copywriters often use puns, alliteration, idioms, and “allusions”. This can often make ad text attractive and memorable.

For proper translation, this requires detailed knowledge of the culture in the target audience region.

The final copy may be very distinct from the source, but if done properly, it will relay the same message to the new audience, allowing for the consistency of brand transmission.

Make your brand shine in all languages
No matter which words you use in each language of your marketing material, they must always consistently express the tone of the brand.

To communicate the message of your brand in different target languages, different words will certainly be required, but these words must communicate the same message.

At Dynamic Language, we consider all of these factors when translating marketing content.

Regardless of your industry, our team of translators is highly trained with a wide range of experience and knowledge of the international market to ensure that your message is always effective across the globe.


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