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Subtitling and voice over invite interaction when audio isn’t understood or can’t be heard by providing comprehension support that strengthens the video’s impact.

Optimize Your Video Content

At Dynamic Language, we know that getting subtitles right is an art. It requires precision and creativity to adapt, paraphrase, and capture both the style and substance of the original video, while also synchronizing the length of the translation for readability by the audience.

Expert Subtitling Services & Voice Over

We’ve successfully managed thousands of video projects for clients across various industries for over three decades. Whether you need localized subtitle translation services or voice over services that engage, we have the experts to handle it.

  • Voice artists
  • Translators
  • Multimedia specialists

Subtitling and Voice Over for Any Business Need

Strengthen the impact of your educational videos with voice over or subtitles that provide visual learning support. With Dynamic Language in your corner, taking your eLearning videos global has never been easier.

Dynamic Language can help promote compliance and greater understanding across regions with training video subtitling and voice over. Our linguists can adapt, paraphrase and capture your brand’s voice in over 200 languages to support your international training efforts.

Whether video subtitling services are needed for language barriers or the hearing impaired, our team of expert linguists can adapt your corporate videos for international viewers with professional, accurate subtitle translation services.

Ready your multimedia files for global audiences by providing engaging video content. Our professional voice over and subtitling services deliver timely and accurate results on schedule, so you can be ready to engage in foreign markets on time and within budget.

Gaming is a universal pastime and Dynamic understands that gaining a competitive edge in the international gaming market requires voice over and video captioning services that mimic the game’s attitude and energy from game-on to game-over.

Our expert entertainment linguists have helped companies reach global markets and widen viewership for all media types by delivering accurate and engaging subtitling and voice over services in 200 languages.

What’s the Difference? Subtitling vs. Captioning

There is quite a bit of confusion regarding the difference between subtitling and captioning. Here’s an overview of each.


Subtitling adapts spoken words from a movie, TV show, employee training video, or other visual media into text that is synchronized with the video content.

It provides viewers a text alternative for the spoken words of characters, narrators, and other vocal actors.


Open and Closed Captioning (CCs) are most common in on-air broadcasts, sporting events, and live TV. Captions provide information beyond dialogue, such as background noise or sounds that aid a viewer’s understanding of the video.

Text cannot be turned off with Open Captioning, whereas the user can turn Closed Captioning (CCs) on or off.

Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART)

Dynamic Language offers CART services for events, meetings, conventions, conferences and more. Text generated from the spoken word can be displayed on browser-enabled devices or via projection for larger audiences.

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