About Dynamic Language Translation Company

For over 30 years, Dynamic Language has provided exceptional translationinterpretation, and localization services to clients both nationally and globally.

Dynamic Language is a certified woman and minority-owned business, with a unique reputation for always delivering outstanding quality services.  We started in Seattle in 1985, and have since grown to become one of the largest and most recognized language service providers in the United States.  Furthermore, in order to provide our clients with the utmost standards of excellence in our industry, we earned our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification in 2012.

We have adapted and grown to consistently meet the needs of our clients, and will never cease in our pursuit to seek innovative ways of doing so.  Our success is tied to your success.  You can count on us to provide accurate, efficient, and cost-effective services on every project. 

Our Core Values are the guidelines that define our professional behavior and constitute the backbone of our work ethic.  They are, in short, the daily essence of our client relations and company culture.

  • PROFESSIONALISM: Behaving in a business-like manner, with skill, competence, and character; keeping promises.
  • RESPONSIVENESS: Timely, attentive, and empathetic communication leading to greater trust and rapport.
  • CONGENIALITY: A pleasant disposition, friendly and sociable; working together harmoniously.
  • COURTESY: Polite or considerate behavior with willingness, generosity, and civility.
  • HUMILITY: Modesty and empathy; the ability to say, “I don’t know, but I’m willing to learn.”
  • EFFORT: The use of physical or mental energy to accomplish something; achievement through exertion.

To find out more about our Core Values and what they mean, please watch the following video.

Trusted. Accurate. Efficient.

Our passion is to assist our clients through an ISO certified project process and successfully get their message across, while maintaining intact the quality of its cultural nuances.  We look forward to working together and showing you how we can do this for your company.

Dynamic Language Code of Ethics

The following principles of ethical behavior are set forth to protect and guide the contractor.  This Code of Ethics applies to all active contractors.


Contractors shall keep all assignment-related information strictly confidential.

Guidelines: Contractors shall not reveal information about any assignment, including the fact that the service is being performed. Even seemingly unimportant information could be damaging in the wrong hands


Contractors shall render the message faithfully, always conveying the content and the spirit of the original content


Contractors shall accept assignments using discretion regarding skill, expertise, project requirements, and any special instruction (such as turnaround time).

Guidelines: Contractors shall only accept assignments for which they are qualified. If political, religious or other differences may adversely affect the translation, the translator shall not accept the assignment. Contractors shall generally refrain from providing services for projects or situations where an existing relationship exists, such as for family members, close personal or professional relationships, where impartiality may be difficult


Contractors shall maintain professional at all times, especially when interacting with Dynamic Language staff and clients.

Guidelines: Contractor shall conduct themselves in such a manner that brings respect to themselves, the client and the national profession


Contractors are encouraged to further their knowledge and skills through participation in workshops, professional meetings, interaction with professional colleagues and reading of current literature in their fields of expertise.


Contractors shall strive to maintain high professional standards in compliance with these Code of Ethics.


Contractor Rights and Responsibilities

Dynamic Language has developed the following Rights and Responsibilities Statement in an effort to provide a set of basic, simple-to-follow policies that clearly define the obligations that both parties acknowledge and agree to abide by.


As a professional contractor partnering with Dynamic Language Center, you are entitled to:  

  • Be treated with courtesy and respect.
  • Receive a prompt response to your questions or concerns.
  • Be provided with complete information and details for your assignment(s).
  • Be provided with clear instructions to complete your assignment(s).
  • In cases of conflict, be given the benefit of the doubt and be provided the opportunity to explain your mitigating circumstances.
  • Be paid promptly.


As a professional contractor working for Dynamic Language Center, you are expected to:

  • Act in a professional manner.
  • Complete your assignment within the time agreed upon.
  • Treat clients and our staff with courtesy and respect.
  • Be prompt in returning phone calls or emails to Dynamic Language staff.
  • Attend seminars and training, when available in the community, to improve your translating skills.
  • Keep Dynamic informed of your scheduling changes and/or changes to your contact information.
  • Submit your invoices (as appropriate) in a timely manner with accurate information and project assignment numbers referenced.
  • Clearly communicate with Dynamic Language staff in the event of an emergency or any change in project status (i.e. project delivery).