Transcription is the cornerstone of numerous industries that depend on accurate audio-to-text conversions for video/audio presentations, interviews, podcasts, conferences, etc., to support projects large and small. Dynamic Language has refined and perfected our language transcription services over the years to create efficient, reliable processes that guarantee professional, mistake-free results.

We provide a unique mix of expert translation, quality control processes, and efficient project management to ensure your transcription services projects are accurately and timely delivered within budget every time.

Ultra-fast Conversion from Audio to Text

We know converting audio content into text can be time-consuming, which is why we’ve invested extensive time and resources to perfect our transcription process. The results are ultra-fast, accurate language transcription services that deliver the results you need as quickly as possible.

Our proprietary ISO-certified transcription process guarantees the highest quality and accuracy for any file length, regardless of format – completely free of mistakes. We ensure results with meticulous proofing by our in-house quality-control team, who simultaneously collaborate with expert translators to maintain the highest standards on every transcription.

Furthermore, we’ve fine-tuned our transcription services process to deliver consistent quality within tight deadlines – because we understand time can be critical when you need audio transcription services. Although every project is unique, transcription times typically depend on the clarity of your recording, the number of speakers, and the amount of cross talk and background noise. If you want a better idea of how long it will take to transcribe your material, get in touch with our team for a quick quote today.

Superior Quality Transcription Services

We transcribe content daily from varying sources and audio formats – including virtually any audio or video digital format – for clients in various industries who depend on our efficient and reliable online transcription services. Every client is assigned a dedicated Project Manager to work with on an ongoing basis to ensure every transcription aligns with your business needs. Additionally, this hands-on management often increases processing time with each project.

We can efficiently manage any audio transcription services needed in English and over 200+ languages, including the following projects and more:

After important presentations, get back to the business at hand rather than painstakingly typing up business presentation recordings. Dynamic’s professional, high-quality online transcription services can save you precious time when a client wants a copy for personal filing, a verbal presentation needs transcribing, or a business presentation needs transcription into another language.

Save time and money by efficiently converting your audio or video recordings of industry conference proceedings into an accurate text transcript for publication, research, or internal company communications. Our transcription services provide an accurate accounting of everything presented so that you can share and file the event with confidence.

Document every critical detail in record time. Many industries rely on meeting transcriptions for an accurate file of all the important information discussed during meetings with associates, clients, or patients. Dynamic Language’s advanced transcription services ensure precise documentation of everything discussed, saving you valuable resources. Companies have especially come to rely on our video transcription services for virtual meetings conducted on zoom and other virtual meeting platforms.

Whether you are interviewing for hiring, legal, or investigative purposes, it’s critical to have an accurate transcription of the event for reference or documentation. Dynamic Language’s quality transcription services will accurately document the discussion or recorded event in record time. Our online transcription services help businesses, agencies, and organizations document interviews with ease.

Conferences, especially international events, often require transcription services to create a text version of the event proceedings and presentations. Dynamic Language has successfully transcribed conferences on a global scale, in over 150 languages, from video or audio, to create accurately written files that are helpful for training and other purposes. There has never been a more efficient way to document essential conference proceedings into comprehensive text files.

Dynamic Language provides the most efficient transcription services available to support public events of all sizes. Our quality transcription services accurately capture events involving speeches, presentations, and walk-in or online participants, big and small. Transcribed public event proceedings are highly valuable for sharing with media, other organizations, or internal reference.

Accurate and complete transcripts of podcasts increase content exposure online. Dynamic Language can assist in transcribing your podcast accurately and quickly, so the content is accessible to those that prefer or need to read rather than listen. Written transcripts of podcast content can also improve your site’s SEO, as search engines can’t “listen” to your content.

We’ve helped industries and organizations worldwide create valuable video transcriptions to help push their content further than ever before. Make your video content accessible to everyone with Dynamic’s high-quality video transcription services, including subtitle and translation services. These services are ideal for presentations, video guides, marketing material, YouTube videos, and so much more.

Braille Transcription

Braille is a system of raised dots that represent both letters and punctuation for more than a hundred languages worldwide. Braille transcription provides a tactile means of “reading” a document for the blind or partially sighted, including braille graphics such as line drawings and maps. Our expert braille transcribers can translate into foreign languages with tremendous accuracy, including accented letters and unique punctuation of different alphabetic languages.

We can also transcribe into braille systems for languages that don’t use the Latin (or Roman) alphabet – including the most complex Asian, Eastern European, and African writing systems.

Expert Video & Audio Transcription Services

Whether you need audio transcriptions services or video transcription services, the Dynamic Language team provides the most accurate, high-quality, and speedy results to keep your business, organization, or services on track. Companies and organizations worldwide rely on our quality transcription services to save them time, money, and headaches – especially when deadlines are tight.

Accuracy is at the heart of high-quality transcription services, and we guarantee it with the help of our in-house quality control team. They thoroughly proof every word to ensure mistake-free reading and eloquent flow. We’ve spent years refining this process to ensure each client receives the highest quality, professional transcriptions every time.

Plus, a dedicated client project manager expertly manages every transcription project to keep communication flowing and deadlines intact. Curious about the industries we’ve served? Check out our industries page, which truly exemplifies the versatility of our expert online transcription services.

Ready to take the headache out of transcription and trust it to the experts? Contact Dynamic Language for high-quality, mistake-free, and fast transcription services today.


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