Audio and Video Transcription Services

Help your audio and video content be understood globally with transcripts and captioning services.

Superior Quality Transcription Services

Support for any audio or video digital format
Meticulous proofing by in-house quality control team
Close collaboration with expert translators
Transcription in English and over 150 languages
Dedicated project management

Accurate and Fast Transcription

Accuracy is at the heart of high-quality transcription services, and we guarantee it with the help of our in-house quality control team. They thoroughly proof every word to ensure mistake-free reading and eloquent flow.

We understand time can be critical, so our ISO-certified transcription process is fine-tuned to deliver consistent quality within tight deadlines. To get a better idea of how long it will take to transcribe your material, contact us for a quick quote today.

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Transcription for Any Business Need

  • Save staff time by outsourcing transcription
  • Provide information to clients in record time
  • Translate into other languages

  • Transcripts for publication or research
  • Share conference findings internally
  • Letter-perfect and time-stamped.

  • Written document for future reference
  • Ensure consensus about discussion topics
  • Document discussions with patients for better outcomes

  • Document hiring discussions
  • Legal transcripts for official proceedings
  • Flawless, structured documentation of conversations

  • Text version of event proceedings and presentations
  • Use transcripts for training and education
  • Share conference findings with a larger audience

  • Document official discussions for internal reference
  • Share event information with media
  • Transcripts for big or small events

  • Increase content exposure online
  • Improve SEO with podcast transcript
  • Option for those who prefer to read

  • Increase accessibility with transcripts and subtitles
  • Greater access for worldwide audiences
  • Video guides, YouTube videos, marketing and training videos

Engage Your Audience with Live Captioning

Communication Access Real-Time Translation, or CART, is a way to broadcast transcriptions of the spoken word into readable text on a screen. Captions are provided by professionally-trained, nationally-certified CART and voice captioners. They can support real-time display or projection, achieving 98%+ accuracy.

Remote captioning CART supports other languages in addition to English, including Spanish, French, and more. These in-person and remote captioning services add interactivity and clarity to conferences, meetings, trainings, webcasts and other events.

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Improve Accessibility with Braille Transcription

Braille is a system of raised dots that represent both letters and punctuation for more than 100 languages. Braille transcription provides a tactile way of “reading” a document for the blind or partially sighted, including braille graphics such as line drawings and maps.

Our braille transcribers can translate with accuracy, including accented letters and punctuation. We can also transcribe into braille for the most complex Asian, Eastern European, and African writing systems.

Expert Audio & Video Transcription Services

Whether you need audio or video transcription services, the Dynamic Language team provides accurate, high-quality, and fast results. Organizations worldwide rely on our quality transcription services to save them time, money, and headaches – especially when deadlines are tight.

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