Analyze and Adapt Content for Your International Market

Helping You Target Specific Markets More Effectively

When you take your brand global, you don’t only cross language barriers; you venture into new cultures, each with its own unique needs and expectations.  Dynamic Language provides cultural consulting so you can be sure your message is received the way you intend it – with all the cultural relevance it takes to engage overseas audiences. Our consultants analyze your brand, marketing concepts and each of your target markets on a cultural level. This analysis will give your entire campaign more focus. We can show you how to adapt and translate your copy; tweak the colors and design of your material, and recreate content that speaks directly to each of your target audiences.

Ensure the accuracy of your message around the world

Our cultural consulting services guide you through the process of tailoring your marketing message, from start to finish. We can help you in the early planning stages of your campaign. This will ensure everything remains strategically viable and culturally appropriate for all of your audiences. And, if your campaign is already up and running, we can step in and tweak your content to:

  • Identify cultural appropriateness of your products, services, and concepts
  • Determine the dialect of a particular region
  • Avoid cultural stereotyping
  • Create culturally meaningful campaigns
You work hard to craft a compelling marketing message for your domestic campaigns. Don't let that hard work go to waste. In other words, using our cultural consulting services you not only avoid any cultural blunders in your overseas marketing efforts, but your message remains as accurate and effective for every audience.

Marketing an Overseas Audience?

  • Find out how to capture the same meaning in your creative marketing campaigns in any language by looking at our transcreation page. 
  • Or to see more about what we can do for international marketing campaigns, you can visit our marketing page and blog.

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