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Translation Solutions with a Dynamic Difference

Custom Translation Services

We know every translation request is unique. Whether you have translations once a day, once a year or somewhere in between, we have the people and processes to keep up with your needs.

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Localize Your Brand

Successful global brand expansion depends on content that resonates linguistically and culturally. From documentation and packaging to marketing campaigns, our localization services make your materials sound native across all your markets.

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Certified Legal Translations

Our certified translation services are performed by one of our highly-trained legal translators and include a signed Certificate of Accuracy, which authenticates the document for legal use.

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Website Localization

Attract more traffic and keep global users on your site longer. We localize your website and test each language across multiple platforms and browsers to ensure the site functions as expected prior to your in-market launch.

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Software Localization

Don’t limit your customer base because your software or app doesn’t support local languages and functionality. We address linguistic, cultural, and technical adaptability for worldwide markets so your software is relevant for all audiences.

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The Importance of Translation Technology

While we will always be a people-first company that delivers exceptional quality through experience, technology is vital to today’s translation services to increase efficiency, reduce errors, lower cost and improve time to market.

Our Translation Module and Interpretation Module are customized, cloud-based platforms that allow you to connect with your project manager, check the status of your project, or request translation or interpretation services 24 hours a day.

Storing previously translated text for future use is a smart way to maintain consistency, accelerate translation and lower costs. Translation Memory (TM) does exactly this while enabling linguists to work faster and more accurately.

When speed and efficiency are priorities, Machine Translation (MT) can help. Our Machine Translation solution is especially beneficial when you have large volumes of content, when instant translations are needed, or when traditional workflows are time or cost-prohibitive.

Dynamic Language supports and interfaces with many technologies used by today’s global enterprises. Content management systems like Adobe Experience Manager integrate with our Translation Management System, and projects can be started whenever you’re ready, either with or without multiple levels of automation.

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