Language Services For Specialist Industries

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Expert Knowledge in 150 Languages

Over the last 30 years, we have worked closely with all our clients to develop specialist knowledge in each of their industries. This allows us to offer the best service possible to all our returning clients and newcomers in a range of fields.


Our experience in the aerospace industry begins from the inception of our company, over 30 years ago, and includes aircraft specifications, maintenance, and user manuals, plus marketing content and more. Our language services for the aerospace industry are tailored for a business where mistakes can’t be tolerated.


Language plays a vital role in education at every level and we help schools, teachers, students, and parents get the most out of education for the young people around them. From multilingual communities to individual cases, we make sure diversity remains a strength, with translation and interpretation services in more than 150 languages.


As the population becomes increasingly multicultural, government agencies need a helping hand to reach all their constituents, regardless of language. We translate government documents, transcribe audio recordings and offer interpretation to make life that a little bit easier for everyone.


Misunderstandings have no place in healthcare, which is why medical practices come to us for our translation and interpretation services. We translate patient records, forms and instructional pamphlets for surgeries and practices with multilingual clients.

Legal Services

Legal matters can be hard for people to understand in any language – we translate legal documentation and interpret meetings, including contracts, patents, and court hearings. while we also offer certified transcription services for appointments where statements need converting into text.

Life Sciences

When lives are on the line, there is no room for error and our Life Sciences clients know they can trust us to localize their entire brand. We’re one of the first companies to specialize in intelligent content, improving the documentation process for our clients so they can focus on saving lives.


Your products are made from design teams, engineers, manufacturers, and parts from all over the world. It’s our job to make sure instructions and documents are translated to the highest standard so the production process runs smoothly from start to finish.


In the days of a truly worldwide web, there is only one type of marketing left – the global kind. This leaves no room for language barriers or cultural misunderstandings in your marketing campaigns. We can make your brand fluent in any language and tailor your marketing material for cultures around the world so that people hear your message the way you intend it.

Retail Services

Consumers want to trust a product before they buy it – and to earn this trust, you need to speak their native language. We can translate and localize your entire retail campaign so buyers know you’re the kind of brand they want to deal with.

Social Services

We work with many government agencies and non-profits translating content to communicate effectively in over 150 language offerings. 


When the whole world is connected, your software needs to be localized for a global audience. We can work with you from the early development stages to ensure every decision you make is geared towards a worldwide market, or help you adapt existing software for better results overseas.


Travelers are much more likely to book a service when it is provided in their native language.  We can translate and localize your marketing content and website to create an optimized customer buying experience.