The Need for Translation Services for the Retail Sector

Dynamic Language | May 29, 2015

18305777_sThe world is shrinking. Modern technology allows us to communicate with people and cultures across the globe, as easily as with a friend in the same room. Because of this, it’s getting easier, as well as more important, to sell your products in foreign markets, as well as local ones.

So how do you do that? First, you need to make sure your product translates into the languages of those other markets: the packaging, the advertisements, the literature, the logo, and every element that makes your product what it is. You’re not just translating words on a page, either. You’ll be adapting images and overall message for a completely different culture. To do that effectively, you need the help of a translation service provider.

Communicating vs. Branding

What is it about your brand that makes it unique? Why would someone buy your product instead of one marketed by one of your competitors? Now, shift those questions into a new, foreign market. Why would they want to buy your product, and what makes it different from similar products that are made and sold locally? The reasons may be the same, or different, but either way, those reasons need to translate.

You need to make your brand and products relevant to a particular culture. You’re not just communicating information; you’re selling a concept and creating a brand. You need to understand what that brand concept is and how it will be received in your new market. Otherwise, your product might literally be lost in translation and look no different from every other one on the shelf.

A simple translation may not be able to capture the nuances that make your brand stand out. You need translation services that specialize in retail and can help your company carve out a niche for itself in a foreign market.

Finding Translation Services

How do you find a translation service provider that can help your company? What do you look for? Here are a few things the translation service provider needs to be able to do:

  • Translate Images – Words aren’t the only things that have different connotations in different cultures. A picture or logo that represents your brand perfectly in a local market may be confusing in a foreign market, having a different connotation or coming across as offensive. A high quality translation service will determine images as well as words that will best represent your company.
  • Ensure Compliance – Are there warning labels required for your product in this new country? What do they need to say? Is there product or nutritional information that needs to be included? Your translation service provider should be aware of these regulations and make sure you are in total compliance when your product goes to market.
  • Work with Local Partners – If you’re going to export your product to a new market, you need a place to sell it. You need to partner with retailers and convince them that what you’re selling is worth carrying. This is another situation when language and cultural differences can be a hindrance, and therefore, could require a translator. A seasoned translation service provider can aid you in negotiations with retailers and partners in a foreign market and make sure things go smoothly.

Finding the right translation service is one of the most important factors in launching your retail product in a foreign market. You cannot go in unprepared and hope your product does well. In navigating any new market, especially one in another country, you will need a guide. A good translation service provider can be your guide and show you the best route to success.




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