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Developing a Term List for Translation Projects

  • October 27, 2022
  • by Dynamic Language

It’s been shown time and again that brands that localize global content are more likely to succeed in targeted global markets. In 2016, an Aberdeen Group report found that companies… read more

Transcreation vs Translation: What Are the Differences Between Transcreation & Translation?

  • May 6, 2022
  • by Dynamic Language

They aren’t quite homophones, yet the words transcreation and translation are so similar in spelling and sound that they are often confused. However, they have distinct differences. In fact, when… read more

Translation Memory: Definition & Proper Usage

  • May 3, 2022
  • by Dynamic Language

Translation of content between languages can be tricky. We see misfires all the time, and it can either be hilarious, offensive, or just plain embarrassing – depending on who is… read more

The importance of Translation and eLearning

  • October 1, 2020
  • by Dynamic Language

The importance of Translation and eLearning when combined together for global training can often be overlooked or underestimated. Simple ignorance can often be the cause, but the value generated in… read more

Lost in Translation: Communicating with Non-English Patients

  • November 25, 2019
  • by Dynamic Language

Medical information can be challenging for an outsider to understand at times. The challenge is even greater for those who do not speak English or have limited proficiency in English.… read more

Medical Document Translation: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • August 1, 2019
  • by Dynamic Language

Low-cost travel and advances in technology have allowed people to seek medical care and treatment in other countries. Healthcare professionals and patients rely on translated medical documents to communicate with each… read more

The Importance of Food Label and Packaging Translation

  • July 25, 2019
  • by Dynamic Language

The globalization of business and the rise of e-commerce has made it possible for anyone with internet access to buy and sell goods worldwide. Thanks to a variety of online… read more

Easiest Foreign Language for English Speakers to Learn

  • July 9, 2019
  • by Dynamic Language

It is no surprise that some languages are easier to learn than others — just ask any high school student who chose to learn Spanish over Arabic, or French over… read more

Social Media Localization: Be Careful of Cultural Differences

  • June 28, 2019
  • by Dynamic Language

Social media and content marketing are two important channels that have reinvented the way brands think about international marketing. Thanks to the rise of social and content marketing, businesses can… read more

The 4 Biggest Hurdles for Global Brands

  • May 30, 2019
  • by Dynamic Language

The idea of international marketing brings about some tremendous challenges for agencies that serve global brands. Finding a way to connect a product or service with an international market is… read more