Translation and Localization for Retail Services

Give the Same Warm Welcome to Every Customer

As linguistic diversity spreads throughout the US – and countries around the world – brands need to target wider audiences on home soil, as well as in their overseas marketing campaigns. Studies show demographics like populations of Latino heritage in the US prefer to shop in their own language – and this is consistent around the world.

At Dynamic we were among the first to recognize English is no longer the only language you can rely on in retail. Which is why we have built a specialist team of language experts with retail knowledge to help you make the shopping experience as inviting as possible to people of every language.

Language Services for In-Store Campaigns

When you have customers from different linguistic backgrounds and they prefer to shop in their own language, your profit margins rely on creating a shopping experience that speaks to people directly. Our retail translation and localization services give your in-store material the same edge it has in English, for every language.

Your promotions and advertising material are meticulously crafted to influence buyer decisions and it would be a waste to lose this impact on foreign-speaking shoppers. This is where our transcreation experts move beyond translation to recreate the same impact in more than 150 languages.

Translation All the Way to the Checkout

We translate and localize material from the early marketing stages, down to the nutritional labels that diet-conscious shoppers use to make their buying choices. Our services adhere to ISO 9001:2015 standards and cater to your entire retail process, including:

  • Advertising and Marketing Copy
  • Product Labels and Packaging
  • Store signage and announcements
  • Care instructions
  • Clothing labels and hangtags
  • Instruction manuals
  • Nutrition labels

Need to Open Your Business to a Wider Market?

  • To find out how we can make your business more appealing to foreign-speaking customers, get in touch with our team today.
  • Or visit our blog page to learn more about the importance of language services in the retail sector.

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