7 Reasons You Need Legal Translation Services For Evidentiary and Financial Documents

Legal translations services

Financial documents may contain specialized language best handled by a skilled translator.

Evidentiary and financial documents are official documents that deal with important matters – matters related to money or pending legal cases that could have serious consequences for the parties involved. When evidentiary and financial documents are presented in a language that you don’t understand, professional legal translation services offer the best path toward everyone understanding the meaning and intent of the documents in question.

Following are some important reasons to consider using professional translation services for financial and evidentiary documents:

1. Google Translate doesn’t always get it right.

Using automated translation services like Google Translate to translate your financial and evidentiary documents may be free, but the saying “you get what you pay for” is commonly known for a reason.  When a mistake is made in the translation process, it quite often leads to massive implications like a lost court case, lost client, or a lawsuit against counsel – life altering situations.

2. Complex terminology and vocabulary are especially challenging for machine translation.

Financial and legal documents often contain unfamiliar words and technical terms that Google Translate is especially ill-equipped to handle well. Furthermore, different regions or countries could translate terms differently, and automated translation services may not pick up on these nuances. It’s worth spending a little bit of time and money to make sure all that complex and technical language gets translated correctly.

3. Your bilingual colleague or friend may not understand complex terminology either.

Relying on someone who is not an expert in translation may cost less, but what is your recourse if your friend gets something wrong? And do they want that liability and responsibility hanging over their head? Professional translators have the training, knowledge and resources based on their specific training in translation, not just because they are fluent in the language you need. You can also count on a professional to meet your deadline needs more than you can a non-translator.

4. Courts may require an expert translation.

Many courts require evidentiary document translations to be certified by an expert or authenticated to be used in court. It is important to know the requirements of your jurisdiction. And when specific requirements exist, communicate those to your language service provider, who can usually accommodate them.

5. To protect yourself against malpractice.

Often, your financial or legal dealings involve others who are depending on you to handle matters on their behalf. If you rely on an inaccurate translation, and things go awry, you may be held legally responsible for damaging the rights or finances of others. An accurate translation may not only protect you but others as well.

Legal translation services

In legal proceedings, having an expert translation often makes the difference between credible testimony and questionable evidence.

6. A professional translation carries more weight with jurors.

In a jury trial, being perceived as an expert or as credible is extremely important. A professional, expert translation that is able to be certified will look far better in the eyes of a judge or jury than a printout from Google (or any automated translation service). And if the other side has hired its own firm, you may need to be able to refute an inaccurate translation, which will be difficult to do with an automated service or non-professional.

7. To get the personal touch.

Google Translate doesn’t take questions if you don’t understand the translation it gives. A professional language service provider stands behind its work and will be willing to answer questions or explain things you don’t understand about the translation.

If you’re in need of professional, certified legal translation, consider Dynamic Language for all your financial and evidentiary document needs. Request a quote today.