Translation and Language: Technology Round-up

Translation and Language: Technology Round-upStay safe

Google has made its 2-step verification process for all Google accounts available in 40 languages and in more than 150 countries!

The system, which is not mandatory but an opt-in feature, allows Google users to enter an additional verification code after having entered their password. The introduction of this feature in 40 languages shows the importance of foreign languages on the Internet.

With the world’s population increasingly moving toward the web, many large companies are localizing their websites to attract new markets. People are more likely to do business in their own language.

This update to Google’s 2-step verification process will help ensure that people in more than 150 countries will be safe.

Stay organized

Wunderlist, an app to help people manage tasks and lists, is available as a mobile app in 16 languages and as a desktop app in 30 languages.

If you’re using the app on an iPhone, you can send tasks and lists by email, text message and Facebook. That way, you can send the grocery list to a family member or give your colleague the task of planning the company potluck. Refrain from micromanaging your family and friends’ life though; this app could become addicting!

Stay connected

Twitter is officially translated into Dutch and Indonesian, thanks to the crowd-sourced translation efforts begun this year. The addition of those two languages makes the social networking site available in 11 languages now, with more coming as we speak.

Crowd-sourced translation is a process that calls on the public to translate content on a volunteer basis. It has become a popular tool to translate large quantities of text on the web. We’re hoping quality is good, since people involved in this crowd-sourcing effort weren’t limited to certified translators.

Alas, I don’t speak Dutch or Indonesian, so if you speak either of those languages, please go check it out and report back to us! We’d love to know how the translation sounds!