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Why use Project Automation?

  • December 14, 2020
  • by Dynamic Language

Automation can be defined as the use of technology to achieve tasks and processes done with little or no human assistance. Dynamic Language helps its clients to step into the future of translation and localization by hosting a state-of-the-art project automation and machine translation solution. Especially for high-volume projects, this unique setup allows reaching maximum […]

Machine Translation – Past, Present, and Future

  • November 21, 2017
  • by Dynamic Language

With businesses developing in emerging markets and the increasing need for global collaboration, the demand for translation services is growing exponentially. It is more important than ever to make content available over a variety of languages in as short an amount of time as possible. As machine translation continues to develop and improve, it’s becoming […]

Skype Releases Skype Translator” – Translation Technology”

  • December 17, 2014
  • by Emanuel Longo

For a long time, Skype has been a communication pioneer, and the company has often been considered the gold standard for online video/audio chat. When your company name becomes part of the daily lexicon of terminology (“shall we Skype later?”), then you know you’ve arrived.

Smartling’s Global Delivery Network Automates Website Localization

  • December 1, 2014
  • by Emanuel Longo

The second major component of the Smartling translation technology platform is the Global Delivery Network. This could be more aptly named “website localization on the fly”. The Smartling platform connects to your website and responds to requests for localized pages. When users send these requests, the platform is able to detect not only the language being […]

Smartling Manages and Delivers Professional Translations

  • November 25, 2014
  • by Emanuel Longo

Smartling’s new approach to localization takes the translation industry by storm After securing $25 million in venture funding back in May, Smartling raised more than a few eyebrows in the translation industry, especially after securing partnerships with well-known companies like Spotify, British Airways, SurveyMonkey and Tesla. In this blog series we’ll take a look at […]

What is a Translation Management System and Why Should You Care?

  • August 14, 2014
  • by Emanuel Longo

What is Translation Management? A translation management system or a global management system is a software suite that “manages” translation automation. The idea of these systems is to take the mundane tasks of processing and tracking translation projects (repetitive work) and leave that to software, while the “human” work like cultural interpretation is left up […]

Is Machine Translation a Good Idea For Business Content?

  • July 31, 2014
  • by Emanuel Longo

Machine translation (MT) has evolved into something very unexpected. The last few years have seen a dramatic jump in the technology that affords businesses the opportunity to use machine translation to save time and money.

Dynamic Review: iTranslate Voice version 2.0

  • July 24, 2013
  • by Emanuel Longo

Version 2.0 of Sonico Mobile’s popular app iTranslate Voice released early July, and it boasts a few swanky improvements to keep users satisfied.

Is Machine Translation Leading to Lower Translation Standards?

  • January 24, 2012
  • by Emanuel Longo

Just as calculators have been blamed for children’s lack of math skills, could it be that Machine Translation (MT) is to blame for some questionable translation practices? And does MT cause people to have unrealistic expectations for their translation projects?

Translation and Language: Technology Round-up

  • August 2, 2011
  • by Emanuel Longo

Stay safe Google has made its 2-step verification process for all Google accounts available in 40 languages and in more than 150 countries!

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