A small business guide to going global

globalizationI love reading about companies expanding globally. And with the Internet so widely used, it’s now easier than ever to reach customers on other continents. Even small businesses can take a slice of the international pie—even if it’s just a sliver!

And often, relocation isn’t even necessary.

We touched a bit on this issue with a past blog entry, Increase business by localizing your website. I’m bringing up this subject again, not only because it interests me, but because I found a wonderful blog post that gives additional information on the topic (see below).

One of the most important parts of entering foreign markets is to make sure you don’t offend other cultures. But above all else, make sure your company’s expansion into the global market is feasible! Do you think you have a customer base overseas, or better yet, do you know?

Once you’re positive that international business makes sense for your product or service, where do you start? The blog post linked below suggests five steps to follow to introduce your business to the global stage. The first step addresses the benefits of social media as a marketing tool; the fifth step encourages you to learn about the legal environment of your potential markets. In other words, don’t go in blind! Know what you are getting yourself into, and then take the leap!

Small Business Trends: Become a Micro-Multinational Small Business in 5 Steps

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