Cellictica Heads Speech-to-Speech Translation App

With translation technology taking off, an internet enabled cell phone is all that is needed to bridge the language gaps encountered in everyday life.

Between Google Goggles for cell phones, Microsoft’s Translating Telephone, and other basic mobile translating applications, it may seem that there’s no room left for new development. However, Cellictica – a leading app developer for innovative speech empowered apps, has found a niche to fill.

Cellictica just introduced Trippo VoiceMagix, a speech-to-speech translator application. The new app allows users to speak freely into the phone and get the selected language translation spoken back to them in just seconds. This app also allows text-to-speech translations.

Trippo VoiceMagix is available for immediate download for iPhones. It also runs on other mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Mobile, Java (J2ME) and Blackberry.

Where will the mobile translation world go next? Test this app out and let us know what you think.