Reaching a Global Audience via Email

Dynamic Language | September 27, 2015
Reaching a global audience
Global email campaigns can be successful if you tailor them to the language and culture.


Done properly, an email marketing campaign is an effective way to communicate to interested parties about your goods and services. Successful email marketing drives visitors to your website, creates brand awareness, and converts visitors to purchasing or subscribing customers.

Content is King, So Use Professional Translation Services

The most important part of an email newsletter is always the content – your message to current or potential customers. When targeting a global audience, using professional translation services will ensure that your message is not only worded properly but is also culturally appropriate to the audience. Don’t make unintentional gaffes that will have your global audience laughing at you – get professional help and nail your global email marketing campaigns.

Using the right images is also important to how emails will be received. Images should reflect the content in a culturally appropriate way, which takes some knowledge of the local culture. Localization services can supplement translation services to keep your look and content consistent.

Consistency in Language Choice

If your email marketing campaign is in Spanish, your links must also be to Spanish webpages. It will be frustrating for your Spanish readers to click on a link for more information, only to find that the resulting page is in English or some other third language. Your links, trackbacks and other documentation should be consistent in the language used.

Using the appropriate coding standard for the country or region of your emails is also important. For many countries, this may be the same (Unicode UTF-8) but some other markets like China have different standards.

Following Laws and Regulations

Each country has different laws and regulations governing email, and you must learn and follow them. Canada, for instance, has an anti-spam law that applies to emails routed through its servers even if the subscriber is in a third country. Email campaigns should be strictly opt-in, not spam, but some laws and regulations still apply.


Reaching a global audience
Find success in your global email marketing with Dynamic Language.


Mobile Optimization and Time Zone Differences

Different countries use mobile devices at varying rates. Getting to know the habits of your target country or region will help you understand how to create your marketing materials for best effect.

Similarly, be aware of time zone differences so that you can send emails at a time when subscribers are most likely to see them. Small details like this can seem unimportant, but may account for increases in your conversion rates and sales that can significantly impact your business’s bottom line.

Test and Adjust

Testing your email campaigns with surveys will show you how they are being received and help identify potential problems. Adjustments can be made, sometimes even mid-campaign, to incorporate feedback and increase the success of the campaign.

Dynamic Language offers professional translation services as well as localization services to help companies expand their reach into new areas of the world. Contact us for a free quote today.


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