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Using Intelligent Content to simplify Translation and Localization

How to make content profitable on a global scale

Take your business global and there comes a point where content management becomes too much to handle. Dynamic Language can translate and localize your content to engage with new markets, which is the perfect place to start – but what happens when you need to edit, update and maintain all that content?

Start opening up individual documents and you soon find your content becomes too costly to manage. This is why we innovate intelligent content to make the production and management process more cost-effective – so you can produce profitable content on a global scale.

Your content, but richer

Intelligent content uses metadata in the same way search engines do to make it more intuitive for both you and your customers. There are three key attributes to intelligent content that can slash your production and maintenance costs while improving the user experience for your entire audience.

Structurally rich – intelligent content is structured into sections that give you more control over all of your documents. You can group introductions, conclusions and any other part of your content, so you can search, edit and maintain these groups – rather than open individual documents one at a time.

Semantically aware – semantically aware content uses tags to describe itself in a variety of topics. Once again, you call pull up groups of documents, based on a number of categories, making the search and management process much quicker. For example, you can find content by author, date, topic, or any category you choose and make changes precisely where you need them.
Automatically discoverable and reusable – intelligent content is also more accessible to everyone who needs it most. Metadata makes your content easier to discover and understand for everyone, but it’s also more accessible to multiple devices, which is a crucial factor in the days of the mobile web.

For more information on how intelligent content can reduce your localization costs, visit our blog page.

Content that meets your audience’s needs, time and time again

Automatically discoverable and reusable content means your documentation and marketing material is more adaptable to meet the needs of your entire audience. Combine intelligent content with your localization efforts and you can fine tune your content for different languages, cultures, and devices more effectively. This not only saves you time and money but results in a better user experience for everyone you need to reach.

Helping you make the transition

Not every organization is ready to make the shift to intelligent content and we understand the transition can be daunting. This is why we work with all our clients to help them integrate intelligent content on a global scale, without interrupting the current process.
Dynamic Language has been helping brands go global with traditional publishing methods for more than 30 years, which makes us highly qualified to implement new approaches into your existing process. We do this as quickly or gradually as your organization needs, in order to maintain results during the transition, and improve them at the first opportunity.

Intelligent content & localization

The reason we are so passionate about intelligent content here at Dynamic is that we see how it improves our customers’ localization efforts on a daily basis. By breaking down the translation process into smaller chunks and making it more manageable, our clients not only save time and money with content production but also transform themselves into a more profitable brand with engaging marketing material and a richer user experience for everyone.