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Dynamic Language | September 1, 2015
Inbound marketing

Having a successful global marketing strategy can help grow your business.

Basic inbound marketing techniques have been around for a while. Know your audience and the problems they have that you can solve, provide content that drives traffic to your site, use social media to engage people and widen the funnel, and optimize with SEO.

Using some of the techniques discussed here will build a successful business and bring customers to your virtual door. But what happens when you want to use these techniques to expand your business globally? Will inbound marketing work in other countries where people speak different languages?

Using Inbound Marketing in the Global Marketplace

The same marketing techniques that are working in a company’s home country can find great success when it’s time to expand the business to another country where a different language is spoken. Anywhere in the world, identifying problems so that you can provide the solutions is an effective technique. SEO works all around the world as well. Countless ventures have proven that global inbound marketing can be extremely successful. Facebook has 1.49 billion users globally, and over a billion of them (83%) are outside the U.S.

But before you jump into the global markets with your content-rich website and other marketing strategies, let’s consider how these techniques need to be used distinctively in global markets for the greatest effectiveness.

Customizing Content for Global Reach

Of course, translating your website copy into another language is the first step in expanding into the global market. But let’s consider all that is involved in successfully translating a site. Machine Translation (MT) software can translate your copy from one language to another, but you should go ahead and not only assume that some of the intended nuances and meanings will be lost with this method, but that outright errors could likely be introduced.

Not only might such a mechanized translation not convey the intended meaning, but it also may utterly fail to account for cultural differences and other country-specific information. The problems facing consumers in a different country and culture might differ at least slightly from those in the home market, which is often enough to necessitate a change in marketing strategy.

Marketers have to attract potential customers in order to get them into the funnel. Talking about their problems and suggesting solutions is key. And these problems may vary according to location around the world.

Inbound marketing

Global business strategy takes more than just changing the language of your website.

Extending Your Strategy With A Website Translation Service

It’s not enough to translate copy from one language to another. Translating the entire strategy requires a specialized process that only a translation service can provide. Language service providers can localize your content to match the specific culture and problems of your global audience so that your marketing strategy will resonate equally in every region you need to support.

A localized website alone is rarely enough to constitute a complete marketing strategy. Participating in the places where your customers are – to social media, blogs and videos – is all part of having inbound marketing success, and positive interactions in all of these spheres is also most likely to be successful with professional translation services that can quickly tailor your copy so that it comes across as you intend.

Dynamic Language provides website translation and localization services to companies looking to expand into global markets. Request a free quote for our services today.


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