Boosting Your Website With SEO & Localization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Localization seem to be incompatible activities when you consider the disparate purposes of each, but when combined, they have the ability to elevate your website to a new level of impact.

Creating a website can be a complex job. Even after it is active, users may find it difficult to locate it online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the most powerful ways to attract visitors to websites. Besides some traffic-generating strategies, few people have a view on localization as a great SEO improvement method, though all would likely acknowledge the importance of the visibility of your website online.

The web has a global reach, and this means that often your website is not suitable to interact with your audience when they are not in your geographic region. In some cases, it may be necessary to completely replace some content, such as contact information for local offices.

In others, the content to be translated may seem to take too long or to be too expensive, such as blogs or articles. But with machine translation (particularly neural machine translation) combined with human editing (MTPE) it is possible to translate at high quality on a large scale.

Benefits of combining SEO & Localization

When Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content localization are combined, there are numerous benefits for your website. Let’s review a couple of them:

Improve user experience
User experience is one of the key factors of SEO. It is measured based on key questions:

How many users visit your site and leave it immediately? How much time do users spend on your website? How many pages are users visiting on your website during their session?

The answers to these 3 questions provide objective data for search engines about your website, indicating that:
– The content of the website is related to the user’s search query.
– Users spend a lot of time browsing the site, which shows that the material is reliable and relevant to their search query.

New organic traffic
Your website gets a new set of keyword combinations based on the fact that you have additional keywords via localization. Therefore, the localized version allows you to be found via search engines using relevant search queries in your native language, exposing you to new user traffic.

The combination and interdependence of these metrics provide additional SEO points for your website, improving the ranking of search results.

At Dynamic Language, we provide a number of services to meet the needs of website and application developers, as well as game publishers and game developers. Our software translation & localization services will allow you to ensure compatibility with global markets.


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