Extract and translate scanned PDFs in Wordfast Anywhere

Wordfast AnywhereThe ability to use translation memories through the Internet has made translation more accessible than ever. Translators are no longer required to purchase software to aid them in translation and translation consistency.

Wordfast Anywhere is an online-based translation memory tool that can be used anywhere you can find Internet access.

You may already use Wordfast Anywhere for translation assignments when you are traveling or on the go. But now, a new feature by the translation memory giant gives users the ability to convert and translate scanned PDFs in one stop.

Simply upload your scanned document into Wordfast Anywhere, and then wait as the system runs it through character recognition and formats it for translation.

My one doubt was about the security of confidential documents, since that is so common in the translation industry. Well, according to Wordfast, “Anywhere” is safe and secure to use on any file, even the strictly confidential ones.

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