How to tap into untouched foreign markets

untapped foreign marketsWhat could be stopping companies from exporting their products? In an article on How to Get Your Small Business into the Export Game, the statistics show that more U.S. businesses could afford to dip into the global marketplace. While “95 percent of the world’s customers live outside the U.S.,” only 1 percent of American companies export their goods and services!

The article goes on to state some ways for businesses to begin exporting, ranging from working out shipping costs to finding trusted ties in other countries.

Now you may call us biased, but we would like to add to the list the necessity of employing a localization and language services company to translate and prepare your documents and product labels for your target market. From marketing materials to business licenses, making sure everyone can understand you is essential to succeeding in the global market.

Just because many people around the globe have learned English to communicate in the business world, that doesn’t mean your job is done. Put the same effort they’ve put in and meet them halfway by reaching them in their preferred language, instead of letting them come to you!

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