What’s new: a recap of language-based iPhone apps

Dynamic Language | March 1, 2011

iPhone app developers are on a roll! It seems we’re introduced to a new translation app every week, and the month of February was no different.

Featured on TiPB (“The #1 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch blog”), SpeechTrans is a $20 app that is advertised as the key to “facebook chatting” with someone who speaks a different language. Currently, the app offers speech recognition in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian and German.

The makers of the app say SpeechTrans has 99% voice recognition accuracy!

And now, let’s look at a recap of the iPhone apps and software we’ve featured on the blog in past months:

Feb. 10, 2011- Google Translate app officially debuts on iPhone 4
Although the mobile version of Google Translate was already on the iPhone, the introduction of the app allowed people to view translations in full screen mode and to use voice translation in select languages.

Dec. 23, 2010- 2010 Recap: 12 months of language-related news
Under the month of December, you’ll notice “Word Lens,” the iPhone app that allows you to translate signs in seconds. Simply hold the phone up to the sign and the translation replaces the original text on your screen. You’ve got to see this!

Nov. 2, 2010- Wordfast now supports iPhone, other mobile devices
For translators, being mobile is often essential. So the ability to bring the Wordfast translation memory software with you is very exciting.

May 6, 2010- iPhone App Turns Phone into Double-ended Language Translator
This app places a double-ended keyboard on your screen, allowing two people to communicate in person using machine translation. Although not completely accurate, it’s a great way to understand the gist of what someone is saying.

Is there a language app you’ve tried that you’d like to rave about! Let us know!



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