Google Translate app officially debuts on iPhone

iPhoneToday, Verizon Wireless stores nationwide began selling the iPhone 4. And on this day, I’d like to take the time to gab about a newly introduced app: the Google Translate app.

Two and a half years after introducing a mobile version of Google Translate, the search engine giant has announced its new iPhone app! So if you’re an iPhone user, you now can possess on-the-go translation for more than 50 languages…not too shabby!

On top of that, 15 languages are set for voice recognition, allowing you to insert text into the translation software simply by speaking into your phone’s mouthpiece. And if you want it to, the app can dictate the translation back to you, an option available in 23 languages so far! This makes for a cool and high-tech way to ask for directions abroad!

And the Google Mobile Blog flaunts another feature: the ability to place your translation in full-screen mode. That should be a great way to communicate with people who are standing a few feet from you! It could be time to say goodbye to your pocket-sized travel dictionary!

Google Mobile Blog: Introducing the Google Translate app for iPhone