Perks of being an interpreter or a translator

Emanuel Longo | November 23, 2010

thumbs upWe’ve talked previously about the skills needed to seamlessly change content from one language into another. What benefits do these talented linguists get for their hard work? I decided to compile a list:

1. Interpreters are invited to events they otherwise wouldn’t attend: Conferences, government functions and business shindigs are all events that simultaneous interpreters can experience throughout the years.

2. Translators can learn while they translate: For translators, work brings continuous learning opportunities; one day, you’ll translate an instruction manual, and the following day, you’ll be asked to translate commands for video games. Likewise, interpreters may be given study materials before certain projects.

3. Work in your pyjamas: This one refers mostly to translators and over-the-phone interpreters. Many translators can work from home, with flexible hours…and a very casual dress code!

4. Translators and interpreters can impress their friends with random facts: Impress, show off…it’s all the same really. By working with such a variety of materials, linguists can acquire a wide array of knowledge. Time to audition for Jeopardy, perhaps?

5. Find out about city and state planning before everyone else: Translators are sometimes recruited to translate top-secret documents. Confidentiality agreements are extremely important in the translation industry. In other word, while government and corporate projects are still hush-hush to the public, they cannot be discussed at the dinner table.

6. Constantly work in two languages: To stay sharp in more than one language, most people need to make an effort to speak, write and think in all of their languages. Translators and interpreters have the benefit of constantly thinking in two tongues!

What’s your favorite part of being an interpreter and/or a translator?


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