Increase business by localizing your website

website localizationBusinesses, this is for you!

Do you know whom you are selling to? Chances are, your potential consumers don’t all speak English, and you may be missing out on a truckload of new business. If you’re attempting to sell goods and services overseas, you should make sure your website is designed with your audience in mind!

English-speaking businesses wishing to build an international consumer base must think about translation and localization for their website. Different cultures and languages require different approaches, and you’ll benefit from preemptively updating your site!

That doesn’t mean you need to translate into Mongolian when your customer base is located in Europe or South America. Stay with the main languages spoken by your website’s visitors.

Language translation may not be the only step you’ll need to take. Localization may also increase business if you’re trying to reach a certain country or area. Spanish is not the same, for example, in Mexico and in Spain. Localization helps target a specific culture or community.

So seek out your customers and shape your site around their needs! They’ll thank you!