iPhone App Turns Phone into Double-ended Language Translator

Trying to communicate in a foreign language can feelmore awkward than fast dancing during a slow song at a middle school dance. No one really understands what is going on, and everyone just wants to be over. The iPhone’s newest translation app will hopefully make awkward foreign language encounters go over a bit more smoothly. Converse will soon be the newest translation tool out there. It is a double ended multilingual translator that provides face-to-face instant messaging.

It is designed to have two keyboards on each end of the iPhone – one in your language and the other in the foreign language of your choice. When you type your message, it is immediately translated and displayed on the other end of the screen allowing your partner to respond in the same fashion.

You can choose from 51 different languages and the keyboards accommodate non-Latin languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Czech, Hebrew and Ukrainian.

It seems very well thought out and if no problems arise should help reduce communication problems and awkward hand gesturing that is so common during travels.

Check out the Converse website and let us know your thoughts.iPhone App Turns Phone into Double-ended Language Translator