Translation App Created for iPhone and iPod Touch

Emanuel Longo | February 23, 2010

International Internet Company Babylon Ltd., released iBabylon for the iPhone and iPod Touch on February 22, 2010.

This application provides users quick access to dictionaries in over 75 languages and full text translation in 33 languages.

Features include:

  • Translation to multiple languages
  • Dictionary and full text translation
  • Huge selection of dictionaries and glossaries
  • Choice of 15 interface languages
  • Pasteboard integration
  • Automatic language detection

The App is one of the more expensive ones in the Apple App store, but frequent travelers should find the features helpful. One significant caveat, though, is that it requires a working internet connection, as iBabylon retrieves results online from Babylon’s servers.

Have you downloaded and used iBabylon yet? What were your impressions?



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