Get Your Own Creations on the Apple App Store!

Back by popular demand, Stanford University is offering a second chance to take part in their 10-week course, iPhone Application Programming. You can find class videos and copies of the slides on iTunes U.

This provides wanna-be app innovators with the opportunity to learn how to create iPhone and iTouch apps. They would be able to contribute to the +25,000 application titles the Apple App Store is currently offering for downloads.

For the general public, when on-line- they will see the exact lessons given to on-campus students, they just won’t receive class credits for it.

The course hits mostly on iPhone’s application development to include Objective-C, Cocoa-Touch, iPhone SDK, and more. An addition to this year’s lesson will be iPhone OS 3.1, the latest iPhone and iPod touch operating system. The class began January 5th, so the first two lectures are already up for viewing.

Learn to create your own iPhone app now.