Localize While It’s Hot!

Emanuel Longo | December 3, 2009

Apple’s iPhone has hit the market in China, and there has been a frenzy of iPhone Applications developed and/or localized for millions of new users. Software piracy is still a huge issue in China, and that includes the iPhone platform. The vast majority of Chinese iPhone users “jailbreak” their iPhones and are more likely to download pirated software. Still, however, analysts estimate the potential for over $6 million of legitimate iPhone app revenue by next year.

An important question remains for iPhone developers: How can you localize your app to capitalize on the growing Chinese market?

That seems to be the big question. Legitimate Chinese phone apps are slowly surging as is the demand for accuracy, efficiency and originality in applications. Many developers are finding apps created for mainland users are sometimes more popular overseas, however the app should also be as much in line with Chinese lifestyles as possible. Also, most of the apps and their instructions are in English, hampering the ability for many to even use them. This emphasizes the importance of localization and how key a role it plays in your app being successful.
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