Microsoft Certifies Dynamic Language as a Secure Supplier Through SSPA Program [Press Release]

Seattle, WA – Dynamic Language’s security policies and practices were found to be compliant with Microsoft’s Supplier Security and Privacy Assurance Program (SSPA) on May 20th, 2019. This certification wraps up a 5-month engagement with the Peterson Sullivan LLP team and solidifies Dynamic Language as a supplier for Microsoft and other enterprise-level organizations for whom security matters.

Microsoft maintains a vast network of suppliers year over year. The SSPA initiative was introduced to standardize and protect employee, customer, and partner information and to ensure that data is properly handled by Microsoft vendors worldwide.

The SSPA Program classifies companies based on provided services and the data the supplier manages. Since Dynamic Language handles confidential information, they were deemed to have a high business impact and needed a rigorous level of security requirements. Dynamic’s IT team in conjunction with the Peterson Sullivan team worked hard to verify that Dynamic’s physical office and the team of employees were up-to-date with Microsoft’s evolving SSPA requirements. 

Dynamic Language’s Director of Translation and Localization/IT Manager, Josh Kroman, took the lead on implementing and documenting Dynamic’s security processes.

Kroman states, “The SSPA compliance demonstrates how Dynamic Language places a priority on both security and data privacy, not only of client’s information but of individuals as well. GDPR and other international data processing standards help protect individual privacy and Dynamic is taking steps to meet those standards.”

The program is a requirement for any vendor that handles proprietary information and process maintenance happens on a yearly basis. Since data breaches and personal information leaks have become more frequent in the world in general, clients place a high priority on data security and compliance. Dynamic Language’s focus on security standards gives potential customers an added level of confidence. Additionally, Kroman points out, “Dynamic views Microsoft SSPA as a stepping stone to achieving ISO 27001 certification. Which is a larger data security standard that we are just seeing take root in the language industry.”

The privacy and protection of confidential information has always been a priority for Dynamic Language. While many companies are increasing their security standards for suppliers and partners. Dynamic Language is focusing on staying ahead of the curve by taking the necessary measures to strengthen its security processes.

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