Real Time Conference Interpretation with Cutting Edge Technologies

Communication and meeting technology took a front seat when the COVID-19 pandemic raced across the globe in 2020.  The inability to travel or meet in person forced businesses to seek ways to “safely” communicate and collaborate.

The technology answered the call. Although not necessarily new at the time, web-based conferencing technologies quickly replaced boardroom meetings.

The language services industry, especially those offering in-person interpreting services, also experienced a shift as live interpreters suddenly faced canceled international meetings and conferences as businesses scrambled to make alternate plans.

However, like the rest of the world, language services and live interpreters found hope and service continuity in technology – specifically in virtual conference interpreting tools.

Terminology: What is a LaaS Platform?

A LaaS platform is “language as a service,” and it combines the latest cutting-edge, web-based technology with language expertise to provide real-time interpretation services via the internet. This technology allows collaborators and business associates worldwide to stream real-time language interpretation to participants’ smartphones and computers during meetings and conferences, enabling everyone to join in their own language from anywhere.

Utilizing Multilingual Web Conferencing as an International Business

Real Time Conference Interpretation with Cutting Edge Technologies

Today, two years after the pandemic changed everything, many businesses that once relied on in-person, real time interpreter services continue forward with web conferencing using modern technology, despite travel opening up again. For most, the benefits of web meetings and webinars with real-time multilingual language interpretation far outweigh the need to meet in person.

Benefits of Real-time Interpretation

Real-time interpretation occurs as the speaker speaks, which is different from consecutive interpretation, where the interpreter listens and then repeats the content in a new language. There are many benefits to real-time interpretation, which we will detail below. However, one of the greatest is the ability to communicate “naturally” with colleagues of different language backgrounds during virtual meetings.

Higher Efficiency

Real-time interpretation is faster and more efficient because it occurs in real-time. Traditionally, using a real-time interpreter “in person” involved lots of travel and equipment, such as cumbersome hardware-equipped interpreter booths or radio receivers for attendees.

However, language as a service cloud-based technology allows interpreters to provide real time interpreting services anytime from anywhere – as long as there is an internet connection to stream the service.

Lower Cost

Since real-time interpretation can occur online with LaaS platforms, the expense of travel, accommodations, and cumbersome interpreting equipment can be eliminated. The ability to conduct multilingual meetings virtually with only a computer or mobile device provides considerable cost savings for businesses conducting international meetings in more than one language.

Increased Precision

When the interpreter does not have to remember large segments of speech before relaying the information into a new language, the interpreted content’s accuracy and speed typically improve.

Smoother Translation

Since interpretation occurs as the speakers speak with real-time interpretation, the multilingual exchange tends to feel more natural, i.e., without many starts and stops while waiting for an interpreter to relay information.

Improved Accessibility

Real-time interpretation is accessible to anyone with a computer or mobile device and an internet    connection. There is no need to be physically present at a meeting or conference, as collaborators can meet virtually and easily conduct business beyond language barriers.

Interpretation Platform Features

Real Time Conference Interpretation with Cutting Edge Technologies

Dynamic Language utilizes only tested and safe remote interpretation platforms capable of integrating with any existing web conferencing solution. The tools we’re using combine the latest cloud-based technology and language expertise to offer clients real-time multilingual language interpretation during web meetings, webinars, and live conferences in over 200 spoken and signed languages.

Here are just a few of the very useful features our tools provide for your online conferences and meetups.


Q&A feature is a moderator-managed area for live questions that can be asked

and answered live or via chat. It limits interruption and allows for orderly Q&A in multiple languages. During a meeting, participants can request to speak using a push-to-talk mic button and are notified when it’s their turn to participate.

Screen Sharing

Screen sharing features allow video participants to share slides, a browser window, or a video from any computer while simultaneously showing a thumbnail of the speaker at all times. This feature allows video participants to give full presentations or demonstrations in their native language, knowing interpretations are happening in real-time as needed.

Document Sharing

In-session document uploading and distribution during multilingual web conferencing, including the option to share documents exclusively with interpreters while in a session, is also one of the available features. That includes text, presentation, and image files – including PDF and all MS Office file formats.

Live Polls

Meeting organizers can conduct live polls complete with full administrative abilities like restricting voting control to specific roles or assigning voting rights and weight to specific groups of participants. Live polls are available in either multiple-choice or parliamentary voting formats with one-button voting confirmation. Results can be displayed during the meeting in pie chart, bar chart, or numerical format and later shared post-meeting in multiple formats.

Lobby Room

Lobby Room allows multilingual web conferencing or remote meeting administrators control over who enters the meeting. They can either admit participants waiting in the Lobby Room or deny access to unwanted users, thereby avoiding confidentiality breaches. Additionally, when participants are waiting for admittance from the lobby room into the meeting, they have the opportunity to test their devices and internet connection to ensure a smooth transition into the meeting.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, language service providers like Dynamic Language can offer safe, reliable, and real-time interpreting services to anyone in the world with a device and web connection. Although some companies may prefer to meet in person now that the pandemic’s spread has slowed, many organizations are pleased with the ease and efficiency of real-time interpretation during multilingual web conferencing.

Contact a specialist at Dynamic Language today if your business needs real-time interpretation or multilingual web conferencing interpreting services.

We have the expertise, technology, and comprehensive project management to ensure your interpreting projects are handled with efficiency and skill every time, no matter the size or scope.