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We have 3 experienced team members who are dedicated to helping interpreters get their questions answered. We have team members available from 7:00 am – 6pm Pacific. Our team members can be contacted via email, phone or text.

For the fastest response via email, email, as those requests will be prioritized over all others.

For general questions, please see our FAQ page for frequently asked questions.

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Paula M

Contractor Liaison


I’m an Argentinian with a background in Social Sciences that gravitates towards inclusivity and diversity. I’m a fan of birds and traveling is my passion. At Dynamic, my role as a Contractor Liaison allows me to face new challenges and learn about different cultures on a daily basis. Count on me to make a change in your community by breaking language barriers!

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Belen B

Interpreting Scheduler


I am María Belén Bongiovanni Ratto, I am 28 years old and I am currently living in Argentina. I have got a degree in Political Science. I am passionate about reading and traveling. Both of them, in different ways, take me to wonderful and unknown places and let me know different people and cultures. As part of the Dynamic Language Vendor Support Team, I like working hard to be helpful to our contractors, who every day are doing a great job to democratize access to information by destroying the language barriers, something that is very necessary in a globalized world like today. This is the reason why I find in the language industry such an amazing and emphatic world.

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Mildred C

Interpreting Scheduler


My name is Mildred Castro, I’m 29 years old and I live in Argentina. I study Computer Sciences at University and I love learning languages. I really enjoy reading and listening to music in English since I was a child. I have been an English teacher since I was 18 years old and have worked in customer service for many years. Being part of Dynamic Language as a member of the Vendor Support Team gave me the opportunity to link my experience in languages and customer services in a friendly and supportive work environment. I strongly believe in taking responsibility for each person’s needs, developing a positive relationship based on trust, and providing all the support to make them happy with the help we provide.

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