Favorite Desserts in Australia and 10 Other Places Around the World

Dynamic Language | October 11, 2015

Places around the world

Lamingtons are a special treat native to Australia.

Around the world, sweet treats take on different forms to delight the natives and visitors alike. Although there are many different tastes and variations, they all have one thing in common–satisfying the collective sweet tooth of people the world over.

Australian Dessert Traditions

In the “Land Down Under,” people take their sweets quite seriously. Read on for a taste of what people enjoy at parties or just at home in front of the telly with their mates.

Lamingtons–These concoctions are made of sponge cake covered with chocolate frosting and coconut flakes. They are sometimes cut in half and layered with cream and jam in the middle.

Pavlova–It looks like a cake, but is really a sugary meringue that is crispy on the outside and light on the inside and topped with strawberries, kiwis or passionfruit.

Tim Tam–This packaged favorite consists of two chocolate malted biscuits layered with a chocolate cream filling and coated thinly with chocolate.

Mint Slice–A chocolate cookie with a mint cream layer, dipped in chocolate. Something like a Girl Scout Thin Mint, but Australians say, even better.

Fairy Bread–This snack of white bread coated with butter and covered in sprinkles is a popular snack or dessert for Australian children.

Desserts Around the World

Here is a sampling of other desserts from around the world to get your mouth watering.

Baklava–This Turkish dessert is made from layered phyllo dough and chopped nuts, held together by syrup or honey.

Mochi–A round treat made from glutinous rice paste that is eaten in Japan, especially around Japanese New Year, and sometimes wrapped around a small scoop of ice cream.

Belgian Waffles–In Belgium, these fluffy treats are often topped with powdered sugar or Nutella spread.

Black Forest Cherry Torte–From the Black Forest region of Germany, this cake with layers of cream, chocolate, cherries and kirsch (German fruit brandy) has been copied all over the world.

Yakgwa–These sweet Korean cookies are made from honey, sesame oil and wheat flour.

Gulab Jamun–A popular Indian dessert that is also eaten throughout Southeast Asia, these donut-like balls are fried in ghee and dipped in sugary syrup.

Gelato–Sold all over the streets of Italy, this ice cream concoction resembles soft-serve and comes in many different flavors like pistachio, rum, and raspberry.

Places around the world

On the streets of Italy, Gelato is a very popular dessert.

Crème Brûlée–This favorite French dessert is also served in upscale restaurants all over the globe. It contains rich, creamy custard topped with caramel sauce that is usually broiled or briefly lit on fire to brown and harden it.

Dragon Beard Candy–a Chinese dessert that is considered a traditional art form, this dessert is spun from sugar and contains a filling of peanuts, sesame seeds and coconut.

Umm Ali–The Egyptian version of American bread pudding, this dessert is made with puff pastry, milk, sugar, vanilla, raisins, coconut flakes, and various nuts.

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