Benefits to Agile Localization

Embracing the Agile Modelagile2

Agile localization focuses on continuous collaboration and response to changes as they happen, instead of waiting to begin translation during the final stages of your content’s development. You may be developing or updating a website, software technology, or your company is expanding to new language markets.

Historically, the localization process has been a mere afterthought in that development process. Traditional localization processes (e.g. Waterfall model) have often compromised multilingual product quality with last-minute, risky changes. When localization is left until the very end, emergency fixes have proven to be expensive and time-consuming. This has caused many delays in the release of products, software, apps, and services to market.

If you can adopt an Agile localization process for your content in its early stages, you’ll benefit in these three key ways:

  1. Faster turn-around. If you partner with a translation vendor while your source content is being developed, you won’t have to wait weeks or months to fix localization issues after the fact. With workflow coordination and efficient collaboration, you will have increased flexibility with your timeline.
  2. Less costly. When translators work in conjunction with developers, copywriters and product managers, they can more easily identify and communicate bugs or inconsistencies. This results in reduced translation and review costs because there will be a better understanding of linguistic considerations and limitations. There will be less back-and-forth scrambling to find solutions if all parties can work together from the outset!
  3. Automation. Agile is not manual, which means it’s less error-prone and more controlled. For instance, with the use of a content management system, there is more version control, and repeated processes become automated. When updates are realized in small, incremental pieces, they can be translated and reviewed “live” and in context!

If you consider your language service provider as an extension of your team, they can play a role in coordination of every step along the way. Linguistic testing can be performed during each phase of development so that larger issues are avoided down the line. The Agile model will bring a new level of efficiency and success to your localization projects!


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