28 Boring Words to Ditch and Use These Instead [Infographic]

Bored of using the same words over and over again in your writing?

Yes? Then it is likely your readers are bored too.

It’s time to ditch the boring, over-used words and replace them with ones that excite your reader. It is easy to get stuck in the comfort zone of familiar words, but branching out not only spikes your creativity, but your readers’ interest as well. To keep your content fresh and lively, there are certain words you should stop using now. For example, try replacing “new” with “emerging” when announcing a product release. Also, try being more specific in your writing; instead of saying “things” think about what exactly you’re explaining and use precise language such as “gear” or “tools”. These changes may seem subtle, but in an over-saturated internet landscape they take “good” content to “exceptional” content.

Try freshening up your content with ideas from the infographic below from Custom-Writings.org