Keeping customers happy and earning repeat business

Emanuel Longo | May 24, 2011

keeping customers happyThe business section of your local bookstore has dozens, if not hundreds of books to help you with your business, from starting a company to nurturing employee morale. But one of the aspects of a successful business that most people want to know is how to keep customers coming back.

If you don’t want to read an entire book on the subject, here’s a quick tip that you can use as a starting point. I like to call it the S.A.L.E. method, because its use may make or break your next sale. Take a look:

STAY IN TOUCH. Make yourself available for questions. Check voicemails as soon as you can and pick out a time every day to reply to customers’ questions and comments.

APOLOGIZE. We all hate to be wrong, but in a business-customer relationship the argument will cost you a lot more than admitting your mistake and apologizing. There’s a moment in an argument when one person (or both) realizes he or she is wrong. At that point, it’s time to make an important decision: keep fighting or seek resolution/compromise. Strongly consider which would be most beneficial to you in the long run.

LISTEN. Their concerns could stop them from using your services, so listen to any worries they might have and try to soothe any fears. Try not to take their feedback as personal criticism but instead as a series of points you can improve upon for the future!

EDUCATE. Not many people know everything there is to know about every industry. So don’t assume you’re working with an expert in your field. Attempt to make your point without your day-to-day jargon. And explain why things happen. It will make the customer much more knowledgeable and comfortable following through with you.

As a customer, that’s normally how I judge customer service. So if you’re working with clients, think of how you would like to be treated and start from there!

What do you judge as an important aspect of customer service? Leave a comment and let me know!


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