Seeking spelling errors in public places

Working for a language services provider can bring out your inner language nerd.

As a QA specialist, I find strange joy in correcting spelling and grammar. While a misplaced apostrophe makes my eye twitch, I still love finding examples of typos on public signs. Perhaps it’s because it makes our little mistakes pale in comparison…

What better way to celebrate the beginning of the weekend than to highlight some particularly bad public instances of spelling and grammar errors?

Spelling errors

Does anyone else get the urge to pick up a red pen and start marking up this sign?

Here’s one that’s hard to miss:

Stop sign spelling error

And a few more:

Spelling errors

spelling errors

And now it’s time for a nice, relaxing weekend! I have to let my eye stop twitching…

If you can handle seeing more spelling and grammar errors, you can click on any of the images above to go to their original sites.

You may also want to put The Great Typo Hunt on your reading list. It’s a book that documents the adventures of two men who traveled around the country, fixing spelling and grammar errors on public signs, running into trouble with the law along the way. Check out their blog, too!

Enjoy your weekend!