Nonprofit organizations could benefit from language services

nonprofits benefit from language servicesHere at Dynamic Language, we’re looking forward to the Washington State Nonprofit Conference on May 6 in downtown Bellevue!

We’ll be exhibiting at the conference to educate and demonstrate the importance of translation in nonprofit work, but for those who can’t attend or are simply curious, here’s a little on the subject.

While it may be difficult for some nonprofits to invest in translation and interpretation services, it’s important to note why using a language services provider may be a good long-term investment.

Most nonprofit organizations strive to help the greater good, but by keeping all communications in English only, organizations may be excluding a large part of their target audience. The 2000 U.S. Census shows that 14% of the Washington population speaks a language other than English at home (we’re still waiting on the 2010 results, which will most likely show an increase in this number).

Additionally, we saw last summer that the South Seattle 98118 zip code is the most diverse in the country according to past Census results.

With this diversity comes many languages, and it’s been shown that people are much more responsive to content written in their own language. So we believe that the return on investment is there when nonprofit organizations use translation and interpretation to reach a greater portion of the community.

All we can do is appreciate the results that so many of these organizations achieve for our communities and hope that everyone will someday benefit from the kind work of these nonprofits.

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