Send translated messages to the people of Japan, for free!

More than a month has passed since the 9.0 earthquake that shook Japan on March 11. The subsequent tsunami showed us our vulnerability as humans, and gave those of us in the Pacific Northwest a wake-up call. Nevertheless, this disaster has shown us the strength of a nation and its allies.

There are numerous ways to get involved and donate to disaster recovery efforts in the stricken country. You may already have taken part in one of more of those opportunities. But have you thought about sending your well wishes to the Japanese people — in their language? For free?

A site called Messages for Japan translates your messages into Japanese using Google Translate technology, allowing you to send your thoughts and words of encouragement in Japanese; the original message can be in any language supported by Google’s machine translation.

Thousands of messages have been sent already!

Messages For Japan also provides ways to donate to Japan through six organizations! So take a look today and let us know what you think!