Swype transforms touch screen keyboards

keyboardRemember when people sent more phone calls than text messages? The way we communicate has changed drastically in the past 15 years, thanks to people like Cliff Kushler.

Test messaging became easier and faster with Kushler’s invention of T9, a technology that guesses the word you are in the process of spelling out. No longer do people need to write out a sentence one letter at a time.

But the rise of touch screen phones brought about the challenge of typing without accidentally touching other keys on the QWERTY keyboard. Cliff Kushler, in the spirit of reinventing the keyboard, came up with a solution: Swype!

Swype is a technology that allows touch screen users to type without lifting their fingers. As you connect letters together on the touch keyboard, Swype guesses what you’re trying to write. In other words, it’s T9 for the new millennium.

Along with the technology to narrate your texts by voice, Swype makes me wonder what the world will come up with next… A way for your thoughts to instantly be converted into text, perhaps?

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