Inc. Magazine unveils U.S.’s best customers

Inc. magazineThe United States is known as a large importer of products, but our exporting numbers are still quite impressive.

Inc. Magazine just unveiled the country’s best customers–those countries that import our products in abundance–ranked by the amount of money they spend each year. This list is just another reason why translators and interpreters are so necessary in today’s marketplace.

Coming in at the top spot is none other than the country with which we share the longest border: Canada (a country with two official languages). Moreover, European and Asian immigrants represent an increasing percentage of Canada’s population. Companies wishing to sell to Canada are actually required to localize their packaging, labels and instructions, to reach all potential customers.

Plainly said, Inc. Magazine’s list shows how important translation services have become in the world market. Here are the top 10:

1. Canada ($204.7 billion)
2. Mexico
3. China
4. Japan
5. Britain
6. Germany
7. Netherlands
8. South Korea
9. France
10. Brazil ($25.1 billion)

Notice the large gap in sales between Brazil and Canada. How does the rest of the list stack up? Click on the link to see Inc. Magazine’s slideshow of America’s best customers, which also includes statistics of what goods and services we sell to each trade partner.