Figure out meaning of “sucky” business jargon

When we saw Lifehacker’s take on “”, we knew we had to go experiment with the website ourselves.

Unsuck It is a site for those of us who can’t keep up with all the jargon in the corporate world. For example, if you don’t know the definition of “Bleeding edge”, you can go to and find out that it translates to “New, risky technology”.

The site features a Google-esque design and a constantly expanding glossary. If you can’t find the definition of a certain phrase, not to worry! The crew is on it!

Unsuck It

Check out these examples of jargon translations:

Dog’s breakfast means Mess
Ninja means Adequate programmer
Ping me means E-mail me, chat with me or let me know

And now it’s time to extend a challenge: Use Unsuck It to see how much jargon you and your coworkers/clients used in your last three e-mails. And tell us what your take is on business jargon!