Google Docs now translates

Google DocsJust when you thought they had done everything, Google stepped it up with new features, including Google Docs translation in approximately 50 languages. The Internet giant employed its existing Google Translate technology to help users with their Docs projects. The drawback?

Even though machine translation has improved during the last few years, it is still a long way from producing accurate translations every time. Google Translate either hits the bull’s eye, or it jumbles up words so erroneously that the translation sounds like a brand new language.

Our own tests with this new application have shown that machine translation has a way to go. But if you already use Google Translate for your basic translation needs, the convenience of this new tool is definitely worth it! No more copying and pasting translations into a document; it’s all automatic with this new update.

Google Docs gives you a way to build spreadsheets, slide presentations and more, and to share them with colleagues and friends without the use of a flash drive or a shared network. All you need is an internet connection and a Gmail account (and the latter is free!).

Try it for yourself!