Embrace the Country’s Diverse Immigrant Population

At Dynamic Language, we pride ourselves on our native translators and interpreters. Imagine our disappointment upon learning that English speakers with foreign accents were discriminated against in the same way people are discriminated against based on ethnicity and race—even those with exceptional grammar!

Research conducted by Agata Gluszek, a Yale PhD candidate, suggests that the exception to this type of discrimination is English spoken with English, Australian or Western European accents, which appear more educated to Americans. See article here.

What many Americans forget is that every year, hundreds of thousands of immigrants flow into the United States and inject their skills and dedication into our economy; even the government sees the importance of new workers to the health of the country.

Senators and experts are currently fighting for better language education in schools to help breed translators and interpreters, positions in high demand due to the continued globalization of the work force. Read more about their efforts.

That’s something Dynamic Language can support!

But we still think our way of translating is the most accurate; no one but a native speaker can guarantee the quality of your translated documents!