Search Google Without the Use of a Keyboard

Google’s philosophy – “speaking is typically faster and easier than typing.”

This is why Google is working hard to bring Google Search by Voice to all speakers of different languages.

In the beginning, Search by Voice was compatible with only English, and then it expanded to Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. Today, Google is excited to include French, German, Italian, and Spanish to the mix.

Adding a new language isn’t as easy as you may think. Weeks, if not months are spent working directly with native speakers. The native speakers are asked to read popular questions and over one million other recognizable words in their native tongue with various background noises – in a restaurant, on a busy street and in cars are just a few examples.

It is intriguing to watch as Google continues to innovate ways to close the language barrier and make it simpler for everyone of all native tongues to communicate.

Learn how to get started with Search by Voice on your Google powered fun click here.