Updated Google Goggles!!

Google is taking a step forward to enhance their Google Goggles service. They are taking on the challenge of augmented reality – the ability to attach digital information to real-life objects.

Now, when you are traveling and want to gather more information on the building, artwork or landmark you are looking at, just take a picture and Google will recognize the image and tell you all about it through Google search results.

To make this service even more useful for travelers, Google added Multilanguage translation capabilities. If you are traveling and come across a sign you cannot read, just take a picture and Google Goggles will translate it for you. It works great with foreign language menus as well!

Right now, Google Goggles supports English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Don’t worry – Google isn’t stopping with these 5 languages. They are planning on adding more in the near future.

Test it out and tell us about your experience!