Translate Microsoft Documents without Losing Formatting

Watch out Google – there is a new player up to bat and they are looking for a home run.

Google’s success in the area of translation has been well documented. However, a new player – DocTranslator – has set their sights on an area that Google’s translation tools don’t cover yet: translating Microsoft Office, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Google’s current translation services include: Google Translate, Google Translator Toolkit, and Google Docs. Each service quickly performs accurate translations, but in Google’s search for accuracy they seem to lost sight of how to maintain a document’s original format. DocTranslator is jumping in to fill the style gap.

The new service uses the Google Translate API to translate not only Microsoft Office Documents but Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations and the best part is that none of the formatting gets lost in translation. Not only does DocTranslator preserve the layout of Office documents, it also has unlimited capacity, meaning you can translate everything from a 1 page memo to a 1,000 line spreadsheet.

So, will DocTranslator hit one out of the park? Test it out and let us know what you think.