New Language: Brooklynese

Instead of tackling worldwide language barriers, London based Today Translations, is focusing on their own native tongue, English.
Today Translations is attempting to knock down barriers in the U.S.’s largest city. That’s right-They are translating the accents of New York into “proper” English and starting with the Concrete Jungle’s finest– Brooklyn. The new language has been dubbed Brooklynese.

To get the ball rolling, Today Translations has posted an ad on Craigslist seeking speakers of, “‘Brooklyn English,’ with good knowledge of accent, slang, nuances” to help foreigners and out-of-town patrons who, “find it an unexpected challenge.”


If you love New York’s dialect and are able to understand someone with the heaviest Brooklyn accent, then you could make up to $210 a day just for being able to decipher Brooklynisms such as “cawfee” and “whatayagonna do?”

There is finally a reward for those who have takenlinguistic creativity to another level. Brooklynese speakers, this is your finest hour.

Where will this inter-language translation go next? Will we have Kentuckianese, Minnesotian, or maybe a language unique to the beaches of California, “Dudeisms”? Where do you think Today Translation should focus next?