Sliced raw fish and Google green onion thing!” Looking Back at Google’s Translation Growth”

In 2004, Google’s automated translation service was still in infancy. A fan in South Korea sent an e-mail stating Google was their favorite search engine. Creators used their Google Translate service to translate the e-mail and the results read: “The sliced raw fish shoes it wishes. Google green onion thing!”

Google Translate has come a long way since then. Of all the recent Google ventures outside their “search engine” comfort zone, all Google translation services stand out as a shining beacon amongst a host of troubled projects. Their legal-locked digital books project and the stalled social networking site, BUZZ are a few examples.

However, this growing success took time. In 2007 Google began offering 800-GOOG-411, a free directory assistance service that interprets spoken requests, giving Google the upper hand in recognizing spoken English. One year later, Google released a search-by voice system.

In late 2009, it introduced Goggles, a smartphone app which analyzed photos, matching them to a database of images.

Google isn’t resting on its laurels. Last month, Google took their translation services one step further with the launch of a software allowing phones to translate foreign test from photo images ranging anywhere from street signs to restaurant menus.

Combine these advances and it’s easy to see the birth of a fully functioning automatic translator. Google translation services are growing by leaps and bounds and for quick fun translations, we’re okay with you using them.

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