IBM Makes Impact on Language Barriers

IBM, a multinational company currently has 100 staff members working on project, “n.Fluent.” This is a new project that offers instantaneous translations across a wide array of platforms. They are currently working on a web interface that can automatically translate a web page when you type in a URL.

In motion is also an app for websites, for when a user comes to a page, they can click on a pull down menu and select the language they need. This is fast becoming a user demand because it erases the limitations that once capped what users could access if it wasn’t offered in their language.

n.Fluent started in 2006 when the company decided a huge issue for global businesses and companies with clients worldwide was the language barrier on-line. IBM thinks this technology will aid companies with large amounts of support content. Spanish, French, Portuguese and Arabic have shown success while Asian languages like Korean, Chinese and Japanese have posed to be more of a challenge.

IBM strives to unite the world and close the language barrier gap just a bit more.

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